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India's Fast Lane to the Future

Former Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee once said, “Normally, roads have some potholes. In my constituency, the potholes have some roads.” That was the case before his government embarked on a National Highway Development Program. When completed, the new Golden Quadrilateral Highway will connect India’s major cities, accelerating its economy into the 21st century, and challenging its ties to the past.

This half-hour documentary originally appeared in five chapters on National Geographic Magazine’s website. INDIA’S FAST LANE TO THE FUTURE provides an intimate look at the country’s new expressway and its effects on India. Through Ed Kashi’s vibrant photographs of highway construction, Indian rituals, high-tech factory workers, over-worked truck drivers, and the growing middle class, this film captures India’s conflict between the old and the new.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Full Speed Ahead

Part 3 - A Luxurious Life

Part 4 - The Human Toll

Part 5 - The Filthiest Job

Running Time: 30 Minutes
Release Date: 2008


India's Fast Lane to the Future

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